How to Consolidate Loans?

Advertising spots of banks are shouting that the next loan, loan will open the gates of a new life for us. Another offer convinces us that despite many debts, we are able to live prosperously and it is necessary to consolidate loans. What is it and how to consolidate loans? Further illustration ( more… )

College Loans

The students, especially the university students, are one of the great victims of the economic crisis. In recent years, virtually all indicators of fees and scholarships in higher education have worsened. But to solve the new problems, new solutions have also emerged, such as online mini-loans from companies such as ( more… )

Comparative Personal Loans

The differences between online and traditional personal loans (those granted by banks and credit institutions) are numerous and of great importance. In this article we present a comparison of personal loans in relation to such fundamental aspects as quantity and term, interests, documentation, processing and customer profile.  How to apply ( more… )

Can you ask for a loan of 100 euros?

    Until recently, borrowing 100 euros was impossible. At least, through the traditional and legal channels. The available options were friends and relatives, with the consequent discomfort that this generated, or mortgaging with a bank requesting a much larger amount than what was really needed. But thanks to the ( more… )